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Focus Training specialises in experiential training – developing skills and knowledge supported by memorable practical experiences to simulate lasting learning and business benefits. Focus Training has over 20 years experience in this field and has a robust client base. We work in partnership with our clients to build lasting relationships. Focus identifies your business needs and develops customised programmes and workshops to improve performance. We work both on site at our impressive training centre based in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire and also off site in clients own premises or venue of their choice. Wherever we work the common theme is the ability to combine experiential learning activities with the skills and knowledge that accelerates learning. Focus Training is an accredited centre with the Institute of leadership and Management (Ilm) and as such we can design management training programmes for clients that can be quality assured by this nationally recognised awarding body. We are also accredited to run the Team Leading Certificate and the  First Line Management Certificate either in company or on site at Focus Training. Our training is widely praised for providing imaginative, interactive learning within our unique and beautiful environment. Focus Training seeks to stimulate the mind and encourage people to change their perceptions in order to explore new possibilities and create their own learning solutions.

Training Courses

Bespoke Training Courses at Focus Experiential Training


With over 20 years of experience in the training business, Focus offer a wide range of tailored training courses, and have worked with an impressive range of national and international clients offering a quality and flexible service.

Here are a few examples of past and present training courses:


Developing Leaders with a Cool Head – This training course is designed to create the underpinning skills and behaviours for those who need to create a clear direction through change

Managing and Leading Change – This training course is designed to give underpinning skills, knowledge and behaviours for those who need to manage people through change successfully

Intuitive Leadership – This training course is designed to create the underpinning skills and behaviours for those who need to adapt their style of leadership to the needs of the situation

Sustainable Leadership (CSR) – This training course is designed to give underpinning skills, knowledge and behaviours for senior managers who are involved in developing long term strategies to create a sustainable business

Ilm Certificate in Team Leading – This nationally accredited training programme is aimed at team leaders/aspiring team leaders who mak be feeling exposed after change.


Leadership with Emotional Intelligence

Introduction to Leadership with ESCI – This training course is designed to raise awarenes to first line/middle managers of the affect of their behaviour on their immediate staff and colleagues

Leadership with ESCI – This training course is designed to provide first line/middle managers with personal development in their role as leaders

Leadership with Coaching ECI – This training course is designed to provide senior managers with personal development in their role as leaders

Leadership Styles and Climate – This training course is designed to provide senior managers with further development in their role as leaders either as a standalone workshop or as a progression from the leadership with ECI or ESCI workshop



The Manager as Coach – This training course is designed to train managers to be internal coaches of their line teams thus fostering a “coaching culture” within the organisation

The Line Manager as Coach – Having Great Coaching Conversations – This training course is designed to develop Line Managers to be internal coaches thus fostering a coaching culture within the organisation

Peer Coaching – This training course is designed to train managers/trainers to create an internal coaching support network so that they can coach peers cross functionally across the organisation

Executive Coaching – This training course is designed to provide senior managers with personal development in their role as leaders

Internal Coaching Support – This training course is designed to train managers/trainers to create an internal coaching support network so that they can coach peers cross functionally across the organisation



High Performing Teams – This training course is aimed at newly formed teams, a number of teams that have emerged to become one, an under performing team or a team currently working with a silo mentality


Corporate & Social Responsibility

Engaging Teams in CSR This training course is designed to get across the message to everyone in the business about the importance of CSR


Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training – By training front line staff and management to deliver top class face to face customer service. We can design a solution that works for your company and improve the knowledge, skills and competency of your staff to increase customer satisfaction.


If you would like to discuss your interest in any of the above training courses or would like to speak to one of our qualified trainers about your training needs please request a call back or call Focus on 01254 826222

Organisational Change

Engaging people in workplace change can be an unpredictable experience. People can make or break the change process. Change is a part of natural evolution but in business we do not have the luxury of evolution we have to approach change in a planned and structured way in order to achieve a pre defined future. It is an unsettling time and no two individuals will respond to change in the same way. People accept change better if the impact of change is managed properly.  This is where Focus Training can help.

We cannot directly change culture but by running workshops or other interventions at strategic points during the organisations change then we can either embed the change or facilitate the change to move onto the next steps.

Below are some examples of the types of workshops that may be run to support your change process:

Identifying the Future State 

To help departments within the organisation to gain clarity on where the business is going in the future and how they align themselves towards that vision. To create a base line anchor point for the change plan by identifying the ‘As Is’ position and the desired ‘To Be’ state. As part of the workshop they will identify what values and attitudes they want the people to adopt for the future state and encourage them to start using these behaviours from the start of the process.

Sponsors of Change

Work with organisations to create internal support networks of change by defining roles and responsibilities for internal sponsors of change. Conduct workshops to train the sponsors in the skills required, such as coaching, facilitation skills, team working and communication so that they may coach others through the change.

Leadership Through Change

Focusing leaders on learning:

  • how they need to be organised to make the change work (organisational alignment)
  • their role and responsibilities in change
  • how they and their teams are emotionally affected by change
  • the appropriate leadership style for change
  • how to develop their coaching capability ensuring they lead their teams successfully through change.

Employee Motivation and Team Working

Once change has occurred, boost productivity and embed motivation, through team working.   This helps to communicate expectations, maintain company loyalty, build relationships and find efficiencies in new ways of working.  This helps individuals and teams to become productive in  new ways of working more quickly.

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For more information on our work regarding Organisational Change then contact Focus on 01254 826222 or request a call back


“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise performance” Sir John Whitmore

78%* of organisations use coaching and 53%* use it for personal development. Coaching is about increasing a person’s self awareness and accountability in order that they make sustained changes for the benefit of themselves and their organisation. 45%* of managers believe that coaching improves performance. Coaching works best when it is either integrated into a workshop/training programme or is part of an overall business strategy. At Focus Training we offer 3 different types of coaching products, highlighted below:

1. Executive Coaching

65%* of organisations use an external provider for this type of coaching. Our executive coaches’ work with middle to senior managers over a period of 12 to 18 months (normally 3-5 half day sessions) this will promote sustained change. As part of the Executive Coaching process we use the Hay 360 diagnostic tools of ECI (Emotional Competency Inventory) or ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory), both of which are direct derivatives of Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional Intelligence. These diagnostic tools aid self awareness and are used as a benchmark from which development can be created and measured. Very often coachees will complete the diagnostic at the start and at the end of the Executive Coaching process in order that results can be evaluated.

2. Manager as a Coach/Coaching in the Workplace

83%* of organisations use internal coaches, usually managers coaching their line managers to improve their day to day performance, but less than half of these managers have had any formal training/qualifications to do this. We have designed and deliver a two day workshop with the objective of improving the skills and knowledge of managers to deliver excellent coaching. This ‘coaching skills for managers’ workshop can be delivered in company or at Focus Training and can be customised to suit the needs of our clients.

3. Peer Coaching/Internal Coaching

85%* of middle managers have access to coaching. Increasingly organisations are using internal coaches as an additional resource in company in order to create more of a coaching culture. We can offer an ilm Endorsed Award Workshop to equip your managers with the skills and knowledge required to raise the standard of internal coaching. This is a cost effective way of using an internal resource to support organisational development. *ilm survey results 2010-2011 View our Training Courses For more information on our work within coaching then contact Focus on 01254 826222 or request a call back



Leadership and Management Development is at the core of what we do at Focus Training. We work with Supervisors to Senior Managers/Directors to design and deliver Management Training workshops/programmes to suit their needs. These workshops/programmes differ according to the level of Supervisors/Managers and the needs of our clients. We develop leadership and management by delivering the following outcomes:

  • Understanding the leadership or management role
  • Increasing self awareness
  • Improving emotional intelligence
  • Increasing empathy
  • Encouraging supervisors/managers to consider the impact of their own behaviour on others
  • Building self confidence

We use our tried and trusted experiential learning methods delivered by our experienced facilitators. Our management and leadership training workshops and programmes are supported by key leadership diagnostic tools such as: Hay ECI (Emotional Competency Inventory) and ESCI (Emotional and Social Competency Inventory), Hay Leadership Styles Questionnaire (LSQ), Hay Styles and Climate Questionnaire, and Tetra map. We train Supervisors/Team Leaders to be Effective Team Leaders/Managers, Middle Managers to develop Inspirational Leadership and Senior Managers/Directors to learn the leading edge work of sustainable leadership. Many of our management training workshops sit within company programmes. We then accredit and validate these company programmes through the Ilm as an Endorsed Award. A standard of Quality Assurance. For more information on our work regarding leadership, management development, emotional intelligence and the new leading edge work on sustainable leadership then contact Focus Training on 01254 826222. View some our training courses

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High Performing Teams

What is a High Performing team? Have you ever been part of a High Performing Team?

Teams are constantly on a journey evolving and changing to adapt to the business needs. There are recognised characteristics of High Performing Teams and the secret to creating a successful team development/team building workshop or programme is in:

1. Identifying at what stage of development the team in question is at

2. Once understanding where they are, how to address their needs in order that they move on to their next stage of development. At Focus Training we use a process to drive our team development/team building which is as follows:

Stage 1 – Benchmarking/Needs Analysis

There is an option to use our specially designed HPT (High Performing Team Diagnostic Tool) to identify what stage a team is at and the needs / issues at that stage. This tool can either be used as a team self perception or can be used as a team 360 diagnostic by also gaining observers perceptions of the team. The diagnostic measures the key characteristics of a High Performing Team.

Stage 2 – Design and delivery of the team development workshop

From the outcomes of the diagnostic/needs analysis meeting a workshop is designed. This workshop will very often use a team orientated self awareness tool to aid individuals understanding of what makes each other “tick” within the team. Examples of behavioural diagnostic tools we may use within team working include: Belbin Team roles, Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Team Management Systems (TMSDI), Myers Briggs (MBTI) All our training workshops are experiential in delivery and are delivered at our site or away from our site at an organisations preference.

Stage 3 – Evaluation

3 – 6 months after the training workshop there is an option to hold a follow up event to review outcomes and aid the teams continuous development. At this stage we would also encourage the client to re measure the team’s development using our HPT Diagnostic Tool (if they have used this from the start). This gives the team and the business real business benefits of understanding the outcomes and benefits of their development.

If you would like to see example outcomes of the HPT diagnostic tool or discuss you team needs then call Focus on 01254 826222 or Request a Call Back


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